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Ostrich Meat

Ostrich, a red meat.

Ostrich looks and tastes similar to beef but is lower in fat than chicken or turkey.

A red meat very low in fat and high in protein.

Ostrich Roast – Fan Fillet

Delicious and nutritional the Ostrich Fan Fillet is the largest Fillet on the bird, 1 kg, 1.2 kg and 1.5 kg.

Price: from £28.00

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Whole Tenderloin Ostrich Fillet – 500g

Very tender Ostrich Fillet, can be cooked as a roast or sliced to make individual Ostrich medallions.


Price: £13.95

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Ostrich Steak Joint – 600g

The Ostrich Steak Joint, packed full of natural game flavour 600g.

Price: £14.95

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Premier Ostrich Fillet Steaks

Premier Ostrich Fillets, individually vacuum packed for freshness, 120g, 150g and 180g.

Special Offer.


Price: from £3.35

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Prime Ostrich Steaks

Prime Ostrich Steaks, individually vacuum packed for freshness, 120g, 150g and 180g.


Price: from £2.95

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Ostrich Diced Steak

Extra lean Ostrich Diced Steak. Suitable for casseroles and slow cookers (300g).





Price: £3.90

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Ostrich Stir-fry

Delicious, lean strips of Ostrich Steak cut into strips (200g).



Price: £2.95

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Ostrich Steak Mince

100% minced Ostrich Steak.Try Ostrich Mince as the low fat alternative in any Beef or Lamb recipe (250g).




Price: £2.95

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Ostrich Burgers

A great heathly alternative, low in fat, high in protein and taste delicious.

Homemade using 90% Ostrich Steak meat.

Available in packs of 2, 8 or 25.


Price: from £2.95

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Gluten Free Ostrich Burgers

Now available Gluten Free Ostrich Burgers. Packed in 2's, 12's and 24's.

Price: from £3.50

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Ostrich & Tomato Sausages

Why not try our low fat Ostrich & Tomato Sausages, 6 sausages packed in a tray and sealed for freshness.


Price: £3.95

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Ostrich Meatballs

9 delicious Ostrich Meatballs (approx 375g), packed and sealed in a tray.

Price: £5.95

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