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Mother Nature figured in out a long time ago.  Wholesome food is a natural product of caring people, quality ingredients and lush surroundings.

Producing natural healthy food, running a business and protecting our Environment can be difficult.  However, we try and get the balance right by putting something back.

Work on our own Farm

Since the renovation of the Grade 11 Farm House in 1994 we have continued with our conservation program. Not only protecting the old farm house, the traditional small fields with hedgerows, but the protection and conservation of our countryside and wildlife for future generations.

The Cottage Garden as been set aside for wild flowers encouraging bees and butterflies.  The three natural Ponds on the farm have been left to encourage frogs, toads and an abundance of pond life.  There a bird boxes situated all around the farm as many species of birds return year after year to raise their young. The wild rabbits are left to live freely in the Ostrich Paddocks and the Owls very often share the Ostrich shelters.

The meat we sell

When we started Ostrich Farming in Lincolnshire over 20 years ago it was our strong belief all animal should lead a free range life, with unrestricted access to exercise, clean air and fresh water.

There are many Speciality Meats on the market today but we have limited our range of produce to those animals that have been culled due to over population or raised/farmed naturally on wide open pastures, staying true to our exceptional standards for ethical and moral animal welfare standards.

All the meat we sell is produced within strict UK, European and International Guidelines.