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75 Burgers - High Protein Burger Selection

Our low fat, high protein burger selection includes; Kangaroo, Ostrich and Venison (only 95p each).

Price: £71.00

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75 Kangaroo Burgers

Healthy, lean and tasty (only 86p each).




Price: £64.00

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75 Ostrich Burgers

Delicious, healthy, low in fat and high in protein (only £1.07 each).

Price: £80.00

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75 Venison Burgers

Full of flavour, rich in vitamins and iron, made from 90% venison steak.

Only 86p each.

Price: £64.00

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75 Wild Boar and Apple Burgers

Our tasty choice, nutty and sweet, 75 Wild Boar and Apple burgers for £79.00 (only £1.06 each).

Price: £79.00

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