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White House farm

We started Ostrich Farming in
Lincolnshire in 1994 one of the first
Ostrich Farms in the UK.

We have 27 breeding Ostriches at White House Farm which are kept in small groups, one male to two or three females. They have their own field and shelter surrounded by hedgerows. The females lay their eggs in a sand pit in the middle of each field, one egg every other day during the season. These are collected around 4 pm each afternoon April - August.

The eggs are then placed in our state of the art incubators. Six weeks later the chicks hatch - they are the size of a small chicken! They are then transferred into our Specialist Ostrich Nursery and carefully looked after by the family.

The chicks live together in groups of 10 - 12 and stay in this family group for the rest of their lives. At three months old they are transferred into the surrounding fields. Here they live peacefully grazing in the Lincolnshire Countryside with field shelters and ample fresh water and feed supply.

We are dedicated to ensuring all our animals enjoy a contended and stress free life.

All Ostrich Farms in England have to be licensed by the local authority and inspected by an independent vet.